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New Mexico Title Insurance Rates

Explanation of Rates
A Commitment to insure is issued for $100.00
Owner Policies are issued for the full value of the property
Lender Polices are issued for the amount of the loan.
When an Owner's and Lender's Policy covering identical land are issued simultaneous, the Owner's rate, plus $30.00, is applicable, if the amount of the Lender Policy is not in excess of the Owner's Policy.
Construction Loan Policies are issued for $30.00 Plus $1.00 per thousand of liability.
Leasehold Policies are issued at Owner's Policy Rate.
Owner's or Leasehold Policy discounts are available if  the previous title policy is provided prior to commencement  of the title search for said policy.
Special Rates are available for developers, builders, and subdividers.
Note: To compute any charge on a fractional thousand dollars of liability consider any fraction of $1,000 as a full $1,000. All charges shall be rounded out
to the nearest full dollar.

These Title Insurance rates have been calculated from the rate schedule filed by the Superintendent of Insurance of the State of New Mexico.
The actual premiums for each transaction will be computed by the issuing title agent. 
NM Title Insurance Rates Effective as of OCTOBER 1, 2012


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